Second day in Paradise

We woke early and took a kayak across the water to a smaller island.  The intention was snorkeling….  That didn’t happen (wrong location).   It still felt special to be on an island all on our own (even if it is swimming distance from our hotel).

In the afternoon we walked down the beach.  Our hotel shares the beach with one other.  We had lunch there. It’s much more primitive than this one and costs a little less than half what this one does (but neither is really expensive).  We liked the ease and free style of that one…  but are happy with the environmental friendly solar-powered investment this one’s made… as well as the extra touches.

I asked the owner of the other place about getting a boat to snorkel at Koh Surin (Islands)… saying the booking gent said we needed to return to the pier at the main island.  She said a boat was picking up some of her people tomorrow at the hotel.    So much for communications.  We might have done that from here had I thought of asking our hotel when we first arrived.  Now we’re too relaxed and are enjoying just hanging around.

We returned to watch the sunset and have dinner.


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