a day cooking

Monday, Feb 20, 2017

We signed up for a full day of a Thai cooking class yesterday.

First they picked us up before 9am in their van and we joined 7 others for the adventure

The first stop was at a local market where our teacher, Mook,  showed us the ingredients we’d be needing

Then we drove to their farm where Mook showed us how everything grows and what the spices and veggies look like in the fields

Their organization was over the top.  We all wore hats in the fields.. then aprons in the kitchen.  There were woks, cutting boards, and knives for each of us.  They gave us choices for the dishes we cooked individually and all the portions were set up for us.  Each time we’d go to the table to eat, a crew came to clean up the cooking area and prep it for the next course we’d work on.


That was a wonderful experience… and tasty as well.  Whether we do some Thai cooking when we get home or just have a deeper appreciation for it doesn’t really matter.



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