Last day of week – Thai Massage in Chiang Mai

    Friday, Jan 27, 2017

We finished the final part of our Thai massage class yesterday.  Today Annie practiced on me …  about 2 hrs.  After lunch I practiced on her – about 2-1/2 hrs.  We’ve been learning to give a 1-2 hr massage. She made it to the 45th step….  I made it to the 53rd step.  The massage we learned has 62 steps.   Trying to remember where you put your feet, body, and hands…. where to put the “patient’s” feet, body, and hands… and then where to press or pull is not intuitive…  and the drawings don’t help enough.   Trying to read our hand-written notes while doing the massage gets harder when the light is wrong, the paper’s too far away, and when we can’t read our own hand writing or remember what we meant by what we wrote.  It’s a combination of frustrating, challenging, and fun.

(at this point Annie’s working on me…  I’m following along with my red notebook and she’s following along with her notes that are down on the floor on my side)


When this becomes internalized I can see how each massage is like a meditation… a physical chant.   I’m envisioning giving a massage as if we’re going on a journey taken by the person getting the massage along with the person giving it.  There’s a beginning, middle, and end.  Also, every journey is unique.   There is a poetry here.


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  1. LOVE IT and LOVE THESE PICS! ! ! They’re great and really give me a wonderful impression of all that’s involved — Yeh! Don’t know HOW my brain could REMEMBER 62(x) squared and squared again number of postures, pushes and pulls. Does sound challenging! CONGRATS For taking it on — at least it IS FUN! ! !

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