A day in Chiang Mai

Feb 17, 2017

Today we went searching for a Yoga Studio.  On the way we went through a great shopping market which was held on the grounds of one of the hundreds of temples here (some of the temples date back to the 1300’s_ – Annie was in her element.

We never found the Yoga Studio, but we passed a few temples among the way…

(We didn’t see this scene, but I loved the photo and took a shot of it)

In one of the temples, there was a table filled with singing bowls… in which people would drop donations –

This statue of Buddha on a hill, under the tree… and reflecting in the water… caught our eyes –

Annie fit right in radiating in her own way –

I don’t think I was allowed to take this photo, but everyone was taking photos and the Monks didn’t seem to care –

These Monks never moved…  After a while I realized why –

On the walk home shopping never left us

These items caught my eye –

I can pass almost any shop here, but this Fairy Tale shop was like a magnet for me.   

Annie does all they buying (that makes both of us happy).  Even here I couldn’t decide to buy anything, but tomorrow I think I’m returning with the credit card.

Sunday we signed up for a Thai cooking class.  We begin early, going to the organic farm to gather the ingredients, then coming back to prepare the dishes (each “chef” get his/her own wok).  When it’s ready in the evening we get to eat.

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