Tuesday class

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

After Monday, we were considering ending our time taking classes here.  Reading every day about Trump and how his administration is eating away at the artistic, compassionate, realistic, and idealistic elements that make us proud to be Americans is so depressing… and hearing of Annie’s Dad passing away last week has taken a toll on her.  But we woke up feeling a little better today…. even after classes were over.  We just cancelled our reservations to go to Pai after this week….  instead we’ll finish this week and next week here at the school and earn our certificates of graduation.  So when we return home we will have certifications to offer our Air B&B guests Thai massage, Past Life Regressions, Yoga (in Annie’s case), and a few other options.

This coming weekend we reserved a room in Chiang Mai near the Parade route for the Flower Parade.  Floats made from millions of flowers will parade by us.  That sounds like a nice way to enjoy my birthday weekend.

When we finish this class we’ll have two weeks left in Thailand before we come home, so we have time to visit Pai and some other towns.   It seems whatever we do and whoever we go, it’s the right thing.

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