Graduation from Mac’s Art of Thai Massage Course

We came for a 1-week taste and finished the 3-week intensive course with our diplomas.  After the final day we all hopped in Mac’s truck and headed for a hot spring.  Then, on the way home we stopped at an organic restaurant/farm.  The table next to us was having a birthday party and I got to play with their 4 kids for 15-30 minutes and got some kid/balloon time out of my system.  Our table enjoyed getting to share their chocolate birthday cake (it was yummy).

This morning we woke early and joined Mac in a 3-hr drive to experience the White temple and the black temple.  We’ll post pictures soon.   They were both speciaL

We ended the day with Mac driving us to our hotel in Chiang Mai.  We chose this one because it advertises yummy desserts and good coffee.  This evening is a full moon.  We passed a dragon dance performance and entered a temple to join in a candle lighting ceremony.   We’re looking forward to this next week of exploration Chiang Mai.



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