Arriving in Chiang Mai

Jan 22, 2017

It seems so much easier for Annie to enter blog stories into her Facebook than to send the info to me with photos and have me post it here.  We’ll see how much longer we continue?

We had booked a hotel room near the airport in Phuket for the night before we took off for Chiang Mai.  That was good.   I should have known the drive to the hotel would be about 2-1/2 to 3 hrs from the pier once we got across the water from our hotel on the paradise island.  Still, we left early and arrived at our hotel before dark.

The next morning we could relax and catch a taxi to the airport (literally across the street… a 5-minute ride).  Waiting on the security line wasn’t too bad…  less than 20 minutes.  I’m always afraid they’ll charge extra for my back pack that has all my stuff (including the balloons).  It’s about 50+ pounds and I believe we’re permitted 66, so it’s never been an issue and wasn’t this time.

The flight to Chiang Mai was just about 2 hrs… with no delays.  The taxi to our hotel was maybe 20 minutes (about $5, generous tip included).  It’s always a bit nervous arriving at each hotel… wondering if I screwed up and either booked a dump or a place too far from the area we want to be in.  I’ve been fortunate recently and we’ve been happy with the results.  I look at several sites… is one – it shows the area, the prices, some details, some photos, and some critiques.   You can never know for sure, but again, we’ve been lucky so far during this trip.

While walking to the Saturday evening market (a 5-minute walk and the reason we wanted to stay in this area last night) we passed a woman who was  working on the hair of a customer.  Her daughter was sitting with them as she worked.  Annie wanted to take the girl’s picture and I had a “calling” to take out the balloons.  Here’s the result:

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