My birthday weekend in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monday, February 5, 2017

This weekend we spent my birthday in Chiang Mai (we’re in the final week of a course in Thai Massage, about 10 miles outside of Chiang Mai).  On Saturday we enjoyed their yearly flower parade and then enjoyed shopping in and visiting the old city and its temples and museums.


(this was our favorite costume in the parade):

On Sunday we hired a little tututt (for about $12) to drive us around for the day. We went to a few sales shops (silver, woodworking, rugs, etc.) and watched the artists making their creations and the salesmen trying to get us to buy them…

as well as visiting a bug museum… a bug zoo…

a monkey show…

and a village where women with “long necks” live.

Here’s a 2-minute video:

We didn’t know it would cost us  $12 just to enter the village, or that most of the village consisted of these women selling their tourist stuff.  Still, it was an experience out of National Geographics..

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