I didn’t die today…

I just was asked to visit the ashram of one of the workers here (the WIFI guy).  He drove me in his little car up the mountain and introduced me to the “elderly” head guru (who’s maybe 10 years older than me).  I did balloons for this serious looking guy… and got him to smile (success in my books)… then I got a wonderful view of the Ganges River.  He brought me back to the guru again… I didn’t know what to do?  More balloons?  say “Namaste?”…  bow…  touch his feet (a sign of a blessing or respect)… so I touched his feet, tipped my hat, and said “Namaste” (covering all the bases).   My nee  “friend” said we’d ride back on his bike – In the dark, along narrow curvy lanes with plenty of bumps and cows.  We rode for about 15 minutes.  I kept thinking if we crash and I get hurt, Annie’s going to kill me.  We arrived fine.

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