Our “home” for the next few days

January 17, 2017

Stories will follow, (including stories from the snorkeling boat adventure and elephant hotel from the past week)…  but we arrived at this paradise island yesterday.  Every time we arrive at a destination we wonder if we made a mistake (not unusual for us)… but this time all the puzzle pieces are fitting together magically.  Annie’s busy with her drawing meditation now so I have some time to catch up with the blog a bit.  Here are some images of our island resort (we’ve only seen about 10 guests and a handful of workers).   This is the isolation we dreamed of.

outside our bungalow:

on the beach

walk to the restuarant

view from the restaurant:

another view near the beach

hotel sign

flower on beach:

view of beach – later today we’ll kayak across to the little island and snorkel

James (our waiter and English speaking helper)

The Thai massage center (two floors)…  Annie might “visit” here later today

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